Sunday, December 2, 2007

NARS Movie Info

Nars Film Review

The movie Nars is an independent film that showcased the typical life of nursing students and registered nurses alike. It presented their hopes, dreams, triumphs and tribulations. It also reflected a harsh reality: that care and compassion, sometimes, comes second to personal prosperity.

Considering that it is an indie film, the movie is a thumbs up for showcasing a stellar cast and for mirroring an accurate depiction of the life of student nurses. Yet, it doesn't come without flaws. The storyline is not weaved perfectly and more emotions and heavier performances are expected from the cast.

Just like this review, the movie is so BITIN. I'm giving it 3 over 5 stars.

Now, I'm leaving you the chance to air your boos or claps.


1. Did you like the movie?
2. As a future Filipino nurse, how do you enhance the quality of care towards your patients?
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  1. The movie is good! Two thumbs up!!!

  2. Where can I watch the movie? Video City has no cd for this! :(